Am I Not A Human ? 2 - The Suffering Of The Palestinian Woman Under The Israeli Occupation.pdf

Am I Not A Human ? 2 - The Suffering Of The Palestinian Woman Under The Israeli Occupation PDF

مؤلف: Hasan Ibhais , Others


Certainly a Palestinian woman (and Israeli citizen) would be able to recount the suffering of her people under Israeli occupation, but had not caused enough suffering on both sides. Children in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict refers to the impact of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict on minors in Israel and the Palestinian territories.Laurel Holliday, in her 1999 book Children of Israel/Palestine, writes that two "ethnically distinct peoples – both Palestinians and Israeli Jews – lay claim to the very same sand, stone, rivers, vegetation, seacoast, and mountains

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Am I Not A Human ? 2 - The Suffering Of The Palestinian Woman Under The Israeli Occupation.pdf


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Human rights education may be one of the responses to this problem. Affirmative action. Structural inequality is a state which arises when certain groups During the Holocaust, perpetrated by Nazi Germany and its allies in the Second World War, known also as the Shoah (a Hebrew word meaning... Israel's illegal settlement construction has devastated Palestinians for years. But Israel is now going a step further: requiring Palestinians to destroy their homes To understand this tactic of erasing a people requires a thorough understanding of the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territories.

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The book, prepared by Fatima ‘Itani and ‘Atef Daghlas and edited by Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh and Rana Sa‘adah, is 128 pages of medium size.It is the 11th in the Am I Not Human? series, which endeavors to present a full and complete picture of the suffering of Palestinians under Israeli occupation .

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I am addressing you on this painful occasion, the 40th anniversary of the occupation of large areas of Palestine, the lands of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem. I salute you all for your stand, for your solidarity, and for your human, brotherly, and patriotic true feelings.