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We repair and restore all antique TV sets from 1935-1960

Antique TV sets are much more complicated than old vintage radios or amplifiers. Average antique radio has only few tubes, usually five and circuits around these tubes.

Compare it  to an average old black and white TV set, which could have 30 tubes, (colour televisions as many as 50) and connecting circuits, the number of components is much higher.

TV set has a  several special circuits not found in antique radios or auto radios. They are there to synchronize the studio signal with the TV set, so the picture does not roll or goes into lines, others will generate high voltage needed for the picture tube and deflection circuits.

That makes the antique TV servicing different and little more complicated.

With over 53 years of experience doing this type of servicing, I have no problem repairing your sets. Television servicing needs a different "technique" than radio does.

Advantage of this type of servicing is the picture tube itself. To an experience technician, just one look on the screen is enough to tell in what circuits the problem is.

Complete and free estimate is given before the work starts, after all the tubes, picture tube,  the main components like high voltage and power transformer and also deflection yokes are tested.

We will restore any make of televisions. Do you have Zenith? or Philco, Westinghouse, General Electric? Console, portable or floor model? All makes are repaired.

The only problem with TV is shipping or transportation. It is considered dangerous to ship by Postal service and some couriers, because of the old picture tube has a vacuum in and can implode on damage, and glass up to 1/4 " thick could  fly like grenade.

Majority of the main replacement parts are always in stock, some others like signal or high voltage transformers and picture tubes  might be more difficult to get.

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