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Servicing High End Hi-Fi equipment, tube amplifiers and tuners.

The tube amplifiers, old mono or stereo vintage amplifiers, tuners and other Hi-Fi equipment are little more sophisticated than just ordinary 5 tube radio. What make the difference?

Each stage of those units is designed for maximum quality, selectivity, sensitivity and minimum distortion.

The amplifier will drive at least one large speaker, stereo amps at least a pair. The output power might be from 10 to several hundred watts. The design calls for large and powerful output tubes, some will cost $100.00 each. The circuit around those has a large power and output transformers to handle all that output power.

In servicing of those units same technique is used as in any audio equipment. Just some parts are a bit  more expensive.

We service all makes of antique tubes amplifiers, tube preamplifiers, stereo tube amplifier,  and tuners from 1920-1965.

Each unit is tested upon arrival and complete and free estimate is given to customer before the repair starts.

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