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The best way to to get a value or have your antique radio, antique auto radio or old antique TV appraised  is to get a book from  called  Antique Radios Price Guide.

 Click  on the  pictureamazon link or on the underlined text, select books in the search window and type in the lower window : antique radio price guide   (or antique TV price guide)

Or you can let me know :

1. Make of your set  (Zenith, Philco, RCA etc.)

 2. Model  number  (12 S345)

3. Type  ( i.e. cabinet, table, wood, bakelite, floor model or console)

4. Description or condition  your set is in  ( i.e. works perfect, dead-no sound at all, lights only, hums) and of the cabinet. ( i.e. Excellent, like new, water damaged, cracked wood or plastic, dial glass cracked, dial drive not working etc.

(Example: Antique console Zenith Model 12 S 345, good, clean cabinet, nothing missing or broken, no water damage, lights up only, no sound)

E-mail  me with your request by filling "Contact me" form below. 

 Please note: 

 1. Not all the antique radios,  and television sets are listed.

 2. There are no listings or price guides available for sets made in Canada, none for European radios and  none for antique automobile radios.

 3. If the listing is not available, than I'll go by known sales and information on auction sales.               

 4. The price of your set depends on the condition it is in. The prices in the price guides are listed for sets as found, with all the tubes in, no parts missing  and cabinet in decent, presentable and restorable condition.

5. Please do not e-mail me pictures as an attachment, I will not be able to open those for computer safety (viruses) reasons. When you e-mail a picture, include it with the text. Try low resolution please, not more than 250 Kbytes. NOT eight pictures of 1 Mb each please, it takes 45 minutes to download.

There is no charge for this service, just time is needed to do it. It might take me a couple of hours to research it. I would reply by e-mail only, not by long distance telephone call. I have a lots of  price requests, be patient, I'll get back to you.

 Thanks, Tony

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