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  Solid state car radio Vibrators.


NOTE: We need to know the year and make of your car, also car battery voltage ( 6 or 12 Volts) and which terminal of battery is chassis grounded ( plus or minus).

Before you purchase replacement  vibrator, replace any leaky paper and filter capacitors and buffer capacitor. If any of those is shorted, it will damage or completely destroy new vibrator in a few seconds. Also shorted rectifier or output tubes will do the same damage. Your car radio does not have any internal fuse protection ! against such problems. Basic replacement vibrator will be destroyed, and there is no warranty under those conditions, you will have to have radio repaired and than buy another one.

I also manufacture custom, solid state, heavy duty vibrators, with life time warranty, price is from $60.00 and up,  for any voltage or polarity. If you radio will have any shorts in it, as described above, this vibrator will not get damaged, it will not work. Your car radio has to be here to have it installed and checked, this vibrator is not sold separately.

Our vibrators are new and tested for performance before shipping.

Here is the list of some  new solid state VIBRATORS, many more types are available upon request (special order only)

Part number

Number of pins Voltage  



PV-1015 N 4 pin 6 Volts negative ground   $39.95 standard
PV-1015 P 4 pin 6 Volts positive ground   $39.95 standard
PV- 1118 P 4 pin  non standard 6 Volts positive ground   $44.95 40-42 Caddy
VB-EUR 1N 5 pin 6 Volts negative ground   $49.95 German radios
VB-EUR 1 P 5 pin 6 Volts positive ground   $49.95 German radios
PV-2015 N 4 pins 12 Volts negative ground   $39.95 standard
PV-2015 P 4 pins 12 Volts positive ground   $39.95 metropolitan
PV- 2215 P 3 pins 12 volt positive ground   $39.95 55 Packard
PV- 2215 N 3 pins 12 Volts neg. ground   $39.95 standard
VB-EUR-2 N 5 pin 12 Volts negative ground   $49.95 German radios
VB-EUR-2 P 5 pin 12 Volts positive ground   $49.95 German radios

We have some TV tubes for sale and  parts like early Zenith TV's and RCA TV's solid state modules, some tuners, yokes, controls......

For other parts, please contact us or got to those links:  or look in our links for more parts sources



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