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Here are some very useful links for antique radio tubes, parts, schematics, radio clubs and radio museums:

 Antique Electronic Supply (antique radio tubes, parts)

Radio Museum in Austria  (hundreds of German radios)

 Antique Radio Classified (place an ad here for sale)

 London Vintage Radio Club (largest in Canada)

 Canadian, US and German schematics (large selection)

 Radio Era Archives  (500, 000 schematics for sale)

 Radio Museum in Europe  (over 250 000 radios, schematics)

 Radio Mania Books and Collectibles.................

 Antique Wireless Association AWA (large US Club)

 Old radio / car radio schematics (Can. & US sets)

 Excellent Quality Capacitors & Filters ........

  Antique Automobile Association in Spain...........

 Our old web site is here (on web in 1993)

 New and used test equipment and tubes....

 Radio Craft - the real thing in vintage radio, UK.....

 The Old tube radio network (old tube ham USA)

 Knobs, pushbuttons, escutcheons replicas, in CA

 Hammond Museum of Radio, Canada

 Television History, the first 75 years of...   

 Old Time Replications (Philco knobs, pushbuttons, escutcheons)

 Tubes, resistors, knobs, capacitors, transformers and more

Tubes and some related  parts in USA

Variacs, autotransformers, printed circuits

Parts and services for British cars

Adaptors for antique car radios, 6 or 12 Volts, to connect an external source of sound, iPod, MP- 3 player,  CD player  etc.. without modifying the radio. Adaptor is hidden behind and only signal input wire is visible

History of  Telecommunication


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