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55 Ford 5FM8 car radioAntique Radio & TV Shop   

 Shown here is 1955 Ford car radio after restoration.

We service ALL makes of antique auto radios from 1925 -1965. It does not matter if you have GM or Ford or Hudson, Chrysler or Plymouth. That  includes all tube car radios and some early transistorized  or hybrid sets (hybrid is a combination of tubes and transistors)

Like regular tube radios, car radios are very close in function, but the design is different. They are designed to withstand large amounts of mechanical abuse and vibrations, temperature variations, and are much more solidly built.

The car radios are powered by a car battery (or a couple of the batteries in early models). In order to generate the high voltage needed for the tubes, most antique radios  have "vibrators". It is a mechanical devise, changing battery DC voltage to alternating pulses, which could  than be transformed to higher voltage.

Most of the old vibrators would last only 10 years and then need replacement. Sometimes when a vibrator fails, there is a reason for it ( i.e. short in the power supply, or open filter capacitor or the buffer capacitor).

It is very important to check other components before a new vibrator is installed. Any leaky capacitor, especially a buffer capacitor, and  paper or electrolytic-filter type will quickly damage a new vibrator and your radio (main power transformer), too.

We sell new solid state vibrators to replace old mechanical ones. For prices please click here on our parts-ads.

An estimate is given before the repair when  all of these components are checked. The rest of the radio is repaired in the same way as a regular radio, with importance given to the parts mounting, temperature rating and stress factor.

We do Stereo conversions,  if requested.

    The original electronics are replaced with a new high power digital stereo receiver designed to work with the original mechanical tuner and controls. Due to the very small size made possible by extensive use of surface mount technology, we can convert any analog radio, any year, any model, 6 or 12 volt.

These conversions are made to fit inside the original radio, so they look and feel correct when installed in the dash. We use your face plate, case, pushbuttons, volume and tuning controls and tuner assembly, so appearance of the radio does not change.

 Radio will have now 45 Watts per channel, up to 4 speakers could be connected to it, has output for auxiliary source of sound, like i-Pod, MP-3  or CD player, and if requested, input for external amplifier.

Here is Youtube link to show and demonstrate to possibility converted car radio has and options available.

Here is a picture of 67 Chrystler radio inside, with new stereo radio module installed and Auxiliary input connectors made for i-Pod, MP3 or Satellite radio on the right side:



67 Chrystler car radio



But.. if you want to keep the original radio as is, this is other possibility! If your radio is working fine and you just want to ad  another  source of sound to it,

RediRadĀ™ made in USA Auxiliary audio RF adaptor is the way to go !

My favorite music using my classic UNMODIFIED factory radio?      Yes, at last, with breakthrough new RediRad.

Anytime, anywhere, with any portable music source?  Your tunes on Your terms.                                           

Connect Sony FM/cassette Walkman, or CD, MP-3, i-Pod or even Satellite Radio? You've got it.

rf adaptor

       You could buy it now, we have it in stock, simple to install !  Instructions included.



Redirad sale price is now Can $ 129.00   for  for 6 or 12 Volt vehicles, available in three versions:

What we still have in stock:

 for AM radios only  6 and 12 volts negative ground Model AM-N,  - Sold out

                         for 6 and 12 Volts  positive ground Model AM-P ,  - still in stock

and for AM/FM radios 6 and 12 Volts negative ground Model FM 12.  - Sold out


 Made in USA, good quality !


It is available directly from manufacturer in USA  for US $ 99.00 plus

 shipping or call toll free 877-223-0203 Brew City Engineering, Inc.

Please  use discount code AR&TV


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